Week of Action Against Primate Products

Monday, May 16 at 12:00amMay 22 at 12:00am

PPI: Live Animal Division
7780 NW 53rd Street
Miami, FL

May 17th marks the year anniversary of Smash HLS. On that day in 2010, nine dedicated activists stood in the rain outside of Primate Products. We have continued the fight against their cruelty ever since.

Protests throughout the business week will be held from 2:30 pm till 4:00 pm. Bring your compassion and your rage. Let’s SHUT DOWN PRIMATE PRODUCTS!

11 thoughts on “Week of Action Against Primate Products

  1. You people have your priorities mixed up, but what can we expect from A.L.F Rejects and Vegan Nazi's. You torment and hinder important animal research and researchers, as well as the simple hard working men and woman trying to make a living at what few jobs are available in Florida; such as PP. Next time a workers life is saved by a b…rain surgeon I'll be sure to have him or her thank the thousands of research animals that made such technology possible. Instead of fighting the capitalist system, you preach anarchy for animals, all the while millions of humans starve each year. Anarchy is petty bourgeoisie, it has no theory, which is why you can't see the real enemy. Dr. Salk in the 50's cured polio thanks to using monkey kidneys and a blender. He then gave the cure to the world with no patent and never made a dime of profit from his research, now that is a man I hold up as a hero, while you only whine about the monkeys. Do you know that in the wild many species of apes are Omnivores like us, and …even hunt down and brutally kill other apes for food. Live in reality, all you are is a nuisance and terrorists. I support Primate Products and it's staff, as for the man running the company I wish he would share out the profits with his workers, but beyond that I have no malice for the man. Your pathetic and Illegal home protest was pure terrorist intimidation. You're all cowards and hypocrites.

  2. Research on monkeys help very little with diseases on man. Monkeys and men do not have the same reactions. Mostly, its a waste of time. Cancer, Aids and hear disease for example, are still here and doing well. Adopting a raw,vegan diet will cure most of those diseases. Research on animals is terrorism and should be treated as such. Vivisection is terrorism.

  3. I would laugh, but your probable a petty bourgeoisie ALF wannabe. The research done on monkeys and other animals is key to furthering medical research in a whole range of fields, to deny that only shows your ignorance. This whole terrorist campaign against Primate Products and others is no different then the nut jobs campaigning against abortion rights, then again you could be a bleeding heart conservative and are against both. Human welfare comes first, all the apes on earth are not worth one human life. I stand with mankind(an omnivorous meat eating animal) and the Proletariat of said species. U.S.R.A.F

  4. Vegan lifestyles are a personal choice and by and large do little to improve more then your sentimentality, not heath. In fact, Vegans on the whole have low bone density among other deficiencies. This is backed-up by research. Only a mild vegetarian diet can "aid" overall heath. As for myself, I dine on Buffalo, Ostrich, Steer, chicken, fish, Snake, Gator, Pig, Veal, as well as vegetables.

  5. The low-bone density statement is false. we drink milk in the country and why is it that the highest rate of osteoporosis is right here in the old US? It is a known fact that too much meat is a contributor to osteoporosis. Go look at some accurate facts next time. Meat eating causes cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and causes the body to become acidic. Our intestines are long, like other vegetarians like elephants. Short intestines, like the dogs naturally eat meat. Colon cancer is caused by red meat. You have colon cancer in your future. You better change.

  6. I Have done my research, and my own family doctor advises against veganism, my own brother almost died. We are omnivores, we eat meat and vegetables. Apes are omnivores, and eat meat and vegetables…these are facts. Vegan Nazi's like you are as bad as fundamentalist Christians, imposing your personal choice on the world. As a Bolshevik-Leninist and omnivore, I believe it is my duty to protect the workers at primate products, who are helping advance medicine for the human race; as well as, stop the push for the unnatural practice of veganism.

  7. Your doctor does not know a darn thing about nutrition. I have a brother who is a surgeon and he even admitted to me that most doctors take little or no courses in nutrition. How did your doctor get it? By osmosis?

  8. Animal testing results are not applicable across species…ever heard of the Thalidomide disaster? Or more recently the Vioxx recalls? Both these were shown to be safe through animal studies but in humans proved to cause birth defects and deaths respectively. As for Primate Products employees, it is their choice to work there, if they were slave laborers like the primates kept there they would be deserving of your empathy. They chose to turn their heads at the abuse going on in exchange for money, and if you think they are there for any other reason such as "helping advance medicine for the human race" then you are just pathetically naive.

  9. Darius, you say it is your duty to protect the workers at primate products. So, you're protecting killers. Would you protect hitmen? After all, they're just killing people to get money. Proletariats, right?

  10. Theres a reason Humans go to the doctors and animals go to the vets, Darius.
    Its Because we react differently to drugs and surgeries than animals. DUH!

  11. Actually that's not true at all. Most meds used at vet's offices are the same meds used for humans. They use benadryl/claritin/zyrtec, we use benadryl/et. al.; they use NSAIDs, we use NSAIDs; they use fentenyl and other opiates and so do we; they use glucosamine for joint health, and again, so do we. Etc etc and on and on. The medications are the same as are many of the treatments. and all of this – both for our pets and for us, was brought to us by animal research.

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