The companies listed below help Primate Products, Inc. send monkeys to their deaths in vivisection labs. Please write and call them to complain about their involvement in the international primate trade. Ask them to reconsider their support of the immoral monkey killers at Primate Products!

Please be polite in your communications. You never know when you might reach an employee who is sympathetic!

Stericycle is a billion-dollar medical/hazardous waste management company. In Miami, one of its customers is Primate Products. Stericycle removes and disposes of infectious waste such as blood and other body fluids, tissues, and bedding. When a monkey dies from injury or disease, his or her body is dumped in the large red biohazard dumpster outside Primate Products.

8795 NW 58th Street
Miami, FL 33178
phone: (305) 698-5510
e-mail: customercare@stericycle.com

Southern Data Systems
On Primate Products website (www.primateproducts.com), you can find almost all you need to set up a torture chamber for non-human primates, including collars, restraint chairs and steel isolation cages. Southern Data Systems makes this possible by providing web hosting and e-mail services for Primate Products.

Southern Data Systems
(doing business as Nettogo.net)
11560 SW 120 Street
Miami, FL 33176
phone: (305) 971-0930
fax: (305) 971-1521

Rick Medina, President
e-mail: rmedina@nettogo.net
cell: (786) 412-5260

Stacy Medina
e-mail: smedina@nettogo.net

Primate Products, Inc. imports monkeys from China, Vietnam, Mauritius and elsewhere for use in research and testing. Primate Products sells both the tools of oppression and live monkeys to universities, the U.S. military and to notorious companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences. To get involved in the fight against this disgusting company, visit:


  1. I would appreciate a list of companies that use primate products service, to determine which products to avoid

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