You are Cruel and You are Cowardly

The employees at Primate Products, Inc. were tipped off by police. They were informed in advance that a protest was going to be held “sometime after 3pm” on Aug. 11th. How did these perverse people respond to this information? Well, they did what cowards always do. They ran- closing the cruel business down early.

What had they to fear? Nothing but the righteous voice of conscience, echoing throughout the industrial park. Nothing but a crowd of compassionate people demanding liberty and freedom from violence for those unfortunate animals Primate Products abuses for profit. They had nothing to fear but the message, “What you are doing is wrong. And you must stop!”

This is the message they are too cowardly to face. This is the reality they refuse to acknowledge. This is a truth they will come to know.

We spent some time handing out leaflets to businesses in the area. As we’ve pointed out before, they are unanimously in support of what we are doing. Certain individuals have even offered to help in whatever way they can. Consider that for a moment. Employees of the businesses surrounding your prison camp are watching you- passing on to us all that they see and hear.

We have no doubt our campaign will succeed. For, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” Your company is unjust. It will fall without fail.

For the animals!

2 thoughts on “You are Cruel and You are Cowardly

  1. Anyone with a heart would want this place to be shut down upon hearing of the horrors that take place inside. Get that word out. That's so very important.

  2. People need to realize the energy they are collectively promoting by purchasing, eating, wearing, or using any form of animal/marine product that is derived from factory farming of all sorts or by participating in any sport that harms them.

    I can assure you that animals are here to teach us a much greater lesson. The sooner people realize that animals and all life are no less or more important than the oh so egotistical human, the more peaceful world we will live in.

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