Primate Products’ customers exposed?!

South Florida SMASH HLS has received information claiming that the following companies are customers of Primate Products. We are not able to confirm whether this list is accurate. Can you help? Please contact each of these companies and ask if they are a Primate Products’ customer, and if they are, encourage them to visit this blog to learn more about Primate Products’ bloody business.

MPI Research
Mattawan, MI
Phone: (269) 668-3336
E-mail: info@mpiresearch.com

Wilmington, DE
Phone: (800) 236-9933
Comment form. http://www.astrazeneca-us.com/about-astrazeneca-us/contact-us/Other

Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (888) 825-5249
Comment form. https://www.imgw.com/cgi-bin/imgw/wcb_coform.cgi

SRI Research
Menlo Park, CA
Phone: (866) 451-5998
E-mail: customer-service@sri.com

National Institute of Health (NIH)
Bethesda, MD
Phone: (301) 496-4000
E-mail: NIHinfo@od.nih.gov

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