Solidarity from the UK

“Astrazeneca Demo’d in Luton

Today Bedford Animal Action (BAA) activists held a noisy demo outside the Luton offices of Astrazeneca for their continued use of HLS. We arrived earlier then usual and straight away got to work informing Astrazeneca and all their neighbors why we were there through our two megaphones. We also set to work informing Astrazenca of the abuses detailed in the most recent expose of Primate Products who Astrazeneca are a customer of in there own right.

Although many of the Astrazeneca workers hid in shame as usual, we did have good support from passers by and deliverymen took leaflets detailing the conditions inside HLS. We spoke over the megaphones about Astrazeneca, HLS and Primate Products and also chanted loudly. There was a small police presence towards the end but as was proven in court we were not a problem and the police did not bother us.

It hasn’t been a good couple of months for Astrazeneca what with striking workers, being exposed for animal cruelty, protests at the offices all over the world and flights of primates due to be tortured to death in there Manchester site being canceled due to the hard work of activists around the country. On top of this only today the news that the release of there new “wonder drug” Brilinta was being delay after concerns from the US Food and Drug Administration which has caused there share prices to fall. Astrazeneca it’s about time you stopped your dealing with HLS then maybe you can spend more of your time dealing with other issues that plague your company such as unsafe drugs and striking workers. But make no mistake as long as you do continue to deal with HLS then you will have to deal with US!!

In solidarity with all animal rights prisoners.”

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