Primate Products Gets Dumped

Maybe it was because happy hour had begun, but we were surprised last week when Primate Products CEO Donald Bradford answered his phone while in San Diego for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science annual meeting. Our conversation was brief, but he admitted that the company has lost some big customers. Bradford claimed that Primate Products has not shipped monkeys to Huntingdon Life Sciences in years. He also said that SRI International and MPI Research no longer do business with Primate Products.

These three companies are among the country’s largest contract research organizations. If it’s true that the relationships between them and Primate Products have come to an end, we can assume that Primate Products was not the partner that initiated the breakup. Regardless, fewer customers = good news for monkeys!

Now, what company will be next to abandon Primate Products?

4 thoughts on “Primate Products Gets Dumped

  1. Soon they will all leave PP….all in a matter of time…with a little push.

    I am sorry I haven't joined you guys sooner and thanks for your hard work.

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