Protest at Amerijet- Primate Transporters

Friday, October 22 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Amerijet International, Inc.
2800 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

We will be putting direct pressure on Amerijet for its unethical involvement in the cruel primate slave trade. They transport primates as cargo and we have reason to believe they have worked specifically with Primate Products in the past. For more details: http://smashhls.blogspot.com/2010/09/ppi-air-transport-collaborators.html and http://www.antivivisection.info/g2h/amerijet.html This action is done in solidarity with UK SHAC activists who are facing unjust sentencing. Jail animal abusers, not animal defenders.

One thought on “Protest at Amerijet- Primate Transporters

  1. So because the conmemt didn’t mention everything you think is relevant, you assume ignorance and stupidity, and because it inaccurately asserted one claim, we have shocking stupidity. Bah, you and the extremists deserve each other. There are many more and whether you choose to believe it or not they are geared towards the animal’s welfare, not the money involved in the research. Which regulations are you referring to? PHS regulations? Well, I don’t know whether they apply to Primate Products or not. But maybe they do. So which regulations are relevant to this conversation or are you just going to keep talking about what AR people know or don’t know in empty generalities? If it’s the PHS regulations (or USDA regs), well they state that pain management is important when it’s consistent with scientific principle which clearly shows the relative importance of welfare and use. Welfare is trumped by the use to which the animals are being put. So, even on the most charitable interpretation of these rules, welfare takes a back seat, which is essentially what conmemter above was pointing out, which is not shockingly stupid.

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