Protest at Renate Lemke’s House and Primate Products

John Resuta, Operations Manager

On January 25th, activists once again protested at Primate Products, a despicable company that profits off the suffering of animals. Within minutes of our arrival, the cowardly employees called the police to help guard their primate death camp. While the first amendment may bother many, it is our right to make our voices heard for all those who suffer inside. Their lives depend on us. This corrupt “justice” system will not protect them.

For an hour and a half, our message was delivered loud and clear. Every employee who stepped outside was individually reminded of their monstrous acts against animals. Interestingly, an unknown person  pulled up with his plate covered and proceeded to videotape activists. He was greeted appropriately by the crowd and, to his dismay, his plate cover flew off which was amusing to many.

Kathy Turner, the head vet at Primate Products and someone known to attempt quick getaways in disguise, was recognized immediately. Her head to the floor, she sat inside a car as stiff as a board.  Her body language exudes an internal recognition of her shameful life.

Outside Renate’s house (1145 NW 126th Avenue Miami, FL 33182)

The day had ended for all but one Primate Products employee. Renate Lemke, office assistant at Primate Products, had more in store. After activists left Primate Products, we all proceeded to the home of the vile animal abuser (1145 NW 126th Avenue Miami, FL 33182). We saw the degenerate outside. As we approached her with conviction, she ran at full speed into her house. With multiple megaphones in hand, we reminded the slave trader of her crimes against animals. We told her we would haunt her everywhere she goes. Whether at the office or at home, we will serve as the conscience she never had. Much of the community came outside. Most were shocked to hear about Renate’s bloody career. As one neighbor stated previously, “She said she was a nurse,” The truth is out. Renate is no nurse. She is a heartless animal abuser.

For all the individual animals who have never had a moment of peace because of Primate Products, we are here to guarantee abusers have a similar experience. All those who profit off the suffering of animals are culpable and will be held responsible for their actions. Day or night, you will be found and you will be exposed for your atrocities.

Kathy Turner, veterinarian at PPI, in disguise

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  1. I totally agree that all those who profit off the suffering of animals are culpable, and therefore will be held responsible for their actions.

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