Protests at Amerijet HQ Continue

On December 1st, nearly two dozen activists gathered at the Fort Lauderdale headquarters of Amerijet International to once again condemn their involvement in the unethical transport of primates. Amerijet is one of the few remaining airlines that still transports primates for the vivisection industry. These unfortunate animals are destined to be used in painful experiments during which most will die. Amerijet has worked with the recently exposed company, Primate Products, whose gruesome photographs turn the stomach of every animal lover. A number of police were in attendance. We promise to continue protesting Amerijet until they stop the monkey flights.

One thought on “Protests at Amerijet HQ Continue

  1. How great that you were able to get 2 dozen people on a workday afternoon. I wish I could have been there, guys. After December I will continue the fight against companies like Amerijet.

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