Surprise Protest at Primate Products

On December 2nd, a number of passionate activists paid an unexpected visit to the awful monkey killers at Primate Products. These animal abusers were recently exposed when horrible photographs were leaked to the public by the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit. Dedicated and caring individuals pledge to continue to protest the barbarity of this company. Donald Bradford and all the other degenerate employees are responsible for the horrific torture and murder of defenseless primates. We will forever remind them of their shame. Our protests will be when they least expect them.

Video- Primate Products 12-2-10

2 thoughts on “Surprise Protest at Primate Products

  1. Go out of business Primate Products! Havent you been a pimple on society long enough? Why dont you go humane and open up a rescue? Or maybe they are sociopaths and dont know what humane is

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