Spotlight on John Resuta, Animal Abuser

We’ve spent much of our time exposing Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products, for the animal abusing scum that he is. But he doesn’t do it alone. He and his fellow thugs at PPI form nothing less than a cabal of sadistic slave trading perverts. It’s about time that some of the other employees have their day in the unforgiving sun. So let’s turn our attention to John Resuta, Operations Manager of PPI and an unrepentant monkey killer.

His gleeful appearance brings to mind an important saying, “There’s daggers in men’s smiles.” And Shakespeare was right. For the reality is, John is a heartless animal abuser. John facilitates the torture and murder of innocent monkeys. John lives on the blood money made destroying the lives of countless helpless and sensitive primates. And John is shameless.

One must always remember, PPI sells monkeys to vivisection laboratories, including the notorious and most exposed laboratory in the world, Huntingdon Life Sciences. The cowardly killers at HLS were caught cutting monkeys wide open without anesthetic! An undeniable moral burden rests firmly on the shoulders of the employees at Primate Products, who make these unspeakable crimes against monkeys possible.

Despite all this, John seems to live comfortably, unencumbered by a conscience, in a three bedroom house in Homestead, FL (
11786 Southwest 273rd Street, Homestead FL 33032).

Sometime next week, compassionate volunteers will canvass his neighborhood, informing his neighbors of what he does for a living and exposing him for the degenerate that he is. Hide your head in shame, monkey killer.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight on John Resuta, Animal Abuser

  1. I would like to see the look on his neighbors faces when they see what he REALLY does for a living. SHAME ON YOU

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