Spotlight on Primate Products’ Vet, Kathleen Turner

The first thought one has when thinking of a veterinarian is that they must care about animals. They attend four years of college and then an additional four years for veterinary medicine. They have to pass a “demanding national veterinary medical board exam.” All to help relieve the suffering of non-human animals. It would seem that this is a profession animal lovers could respect.

But some vets violate this honest concern to alleviate animal suffering. Some vets, like Kathleen Turner of Homestead, work as key parts of the evil vivisection industry. These sick money-seekers disgrace the field and cast a dark shadow of guilt and shame over themselves.

Unfortunately, Kathleen probably tells herself that she’s helping the imprisoned primates at Primate Products. She probably feels like she’s upholding her sacred veterinary oath. But the fact is, she works at a facility whose sole aim is profit from the sale of defenseless monkeys, monkeys who will be used and abused in vile and useless experiments. No amount of rationalization can avoid that startling and sad truth.

Until she quits her job at Primate Products, Kathleen Turner will have the blood of those tortured primates on her hands. We won’t forget their cruel deaths. And we intend to not let her forget either.

Work email: KathleenTurner@primateproducts.com

15 thoughts on “Spotlight on Primate Products’ Vet, Kathleen Turner

  1. Not sure how up-to-date this is, but…..

    Dr. Kathleen Turner
    16040 SW 280th Street
    Homestead FL 33031

  2. the REAL terrorists are those that torture animals and live off their blood. YOU ARE THE TERRORIST AND YOU WILL BE STOPPED.

  3. Primate Products, if it losses business, which to date it has not, just changed carriers, they can sue the owner of this site for defamation and libel, as well as loss of revenue, effectively bankrupting the three heads of this organization and shutting down the site. To date, no one at Primate Products cares because their income has not been hurt as far as I have been told. What you are doing is not technically "illegal," but in the gray area of the law for sure. If the case were to come before a grand jury, it would almost certainly be brought to trial. Besides this site is monitored, so I would not get to comfy with the ALF cheering if I were you, like you have in a number of posts and comments.

  4. Darius, we tracked your IP address. Maybe it is time your mother was contacted, I do not think she would approve of this behavior. I can understand you are bitter from being kicked out of your group..yet again. I highly suggest you don't make it any worse for yourself. Got it? Good

  5. Thank you for the lovely protest in my neighborhood this afternoon! The whole neighborhood was impressed with the threats you made to our neighbors!

    The treats my family heard I am sure were illegal. Trespassing I am sure is illegal too. You accomplished bringing our neighborhood closer together. Thank you!

  6. Property Information for 16040 SW 280th St:
    * Year Built: 1977
    * 4 Bedrooms
    * 2 Bathrooms
    * Approximately 1,833 Sq Ft
    * Lot size: 16,200 Sq Ft
    * Stories: 1
    * County: Miami_Dade
    * Roof type: Other (Not Classified)

    Source: Public Records Last assessed at $125,426 on 2009

    Previous assessments

    * $125,426 on 2009
    * $125,301 on 2008
    * $121,652 on 2007

    Source: Public Records

  7. I live in this neighborhood and saw the protest this afternoon. You are a band of idiots who are doing nothing but hurting your cause. Protesting at a person's home is useless. There are many attorneys in this neighborhood and from what I saw, your actions were unpermitted and illegal. Making threatening remarks or disseminating information which encourages harm to a person is illegal. You had better HOPE nothing happens to this woman as a result of your protest as you will be cupable. Protest at the facility all you want, but leave our neighborhood ALONE. There are limits to your 1st Amendment Rights and I would be glad to explain them to you in front of a judge. By the way- you have all been photographed- (just exercising my rights as you have no legal protection from having your image captured while in public).

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