SRI Int’l to purchase dozens of monkeys from Primate Products

SRI International, based in Menlo Park, California, is one of a growing list of research institutions lured to Florida with millions of dollars in incentives. For example, The Scripps Research Institute received over $500 million in public money to open a facility in Palm Beach County. OHSU’s Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute received over $100 million to set up shop in Port St. Lucie. It took $50 million to entice SRI International to St. Petersburg, where it opened a research facility in December 2009.

Along with basic research, SRI also conducts contract research. Its clients include Sanofi aventis, Monsanto and Conoco — companies that have also been customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Below is an e-mail that was forwarded anonymously to South Florida SMASH HLS.

Contact Dr. Parman (toufan.parman@sri.com) and encourage her to cancel her plans to torture and kill monkeys! Send a copy of your e-mail to SRI Int’l CEO Curtis Carlson (curt.carlson@sri.com).

Note: “Cynos” refers to Cynomolgus monkeys, also known as Crab-eating macaques.

“RE: SRI International need for Primates?
From: Toufan Parman (toufan.parman@sri.com)
Sent: Wed 10/06/10
To: mikedisbrow@primateproducts.com

Hi Mike

It was great to speak with you just now. A Colleague of mine (Karen Steinmetz) has
recently purchased some Cynos from primate products. I am negotiating with a client for some toxicology studies at SRI with Cynos and I am giving them some timeline as to when they can start.

I will keep you posted regarding the 18M/18F for my tox study. I need these to be from Mauricia and about 4 years old (48months or so) if possible if not then 2-3 years old will be fine too. Of the 36 primates 12 of them will be terminated but the remainder can be sent back to you for retirement. (these animals can be non-naïve but they have to be naïve to any antibody drug, small molecule drugs are fine).

After this study I may have another study with 16M/16F Naïve cynos. This will be a
terminal study.

I am looking for a price in the 4400 range if possible. Let me know what you can do for me.

I will let you know within the next couple of week about as to whether I will move
forward or not.

Many Thanks



Toufan Parman, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
Associate Director, Mammalian Toxicology
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: (650) 859-3260
Email: toufan.parman@sri.com

One thought on “SRI Int’l to purchase dozens of monkeys from Primate Products

  1. SRI Int'l needs to be investigated for conducting unethical and harmful human research experiments on un-consenting individuals!

    Horrible and immoral human experiments that focus on ,something like , wireless brainwave activity recording, brain to computer interfaces, reading ones intention's computer software, wireless EEG sensors, neural decoding type experiments using un-consenting individuals! I think ,if you look at experiments that reverse-engineer ,,,and make sure to focus on SRI's huge interest in the new field of Social Cognitive Psychology /Neuroscience !Just like the program at UCLA .

    UCLA employees the Doctor that is the founding father of the new field called Social Cognitive Psychology named Dr. Matthew Lieberman and Dr. Naomi Eisenberger who was a student , and now is his wife! They sure have moved up the ladder at UCLA and in their own private lives, way to quickly! for some odd unknown reasons! Hmm?
    If you look at these areas, It is said that you would be fighting for (and should easily win) the freedom of both the animal and the human being , from being victims of horribly painful and unnecessary unethical cold war type research experiments!

    These Doctors work in the field that has stated that, 'people who harm and torture people, first started by harming and torturing animals'!
    Send this e-mail to SRI's CEO named Curtis Carlson! And, ask him about another man who is named, Dr. Ronald Carlson! I would be curious to see how Curtis Carlson reacts to that!
    Investigate this…

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