Stop Amerijet and the Primate Trade

“Yeah, I’m coming for you again today…I’m gonna kick your ass”

– Animal technician inside a laboratory, commenting on injecting restrained primates

Amerijet International are a charter airline, specializing in the global transportation of cargo. They also have a dirty secret – many thousands of primates are flown by their company across the globe to be used in vivisection.

Primate Products Inc., in Florida, is one primate supplier who regularly use Amerijet to transport monkeys to labs. In late August, photographs and documentation were leaked from inside PPI, showing sick and injured primates, some of which had mauled each other due to stress and boredom.

This week global protests will be happening against Amerijet, calling for an end to their involvement in this sick trade. Please contact the company and ask that they stop their involvement in the monkey trade and organize demonstrations outside your local office. We understand this is quite a large alert this week, however the effect it will have on the international primate trade will pay off when Amerijet cease involvement and follow the example of countless others.



To Whom It May Concern,
I was sickened to hear that your company, Amerijet, have been transporting animals for laboratories through your premises.

These animals are currently dying in cruel and pointless experiments, such as being forced to inhale noxious gasses or be force-fed weedkillers. Primates are being used in barbaric tests where they are deprived of food and water to make them perform procedures and tasks. Electrodes will be implanted into their brains to monitor activity, despite the fact that there are means to conduct such experiments without the suffering and pain of laboratory animals.

I ask that you stop playing a vital role in this trade and refuse to transport any animals destined for vivisection, like a large number of others have recently done across the globe.
Yours Sincerely,


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International Offices here

H.I.G. Capital are a US and European finance company, who now own Amerijet:

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  1. It was indeed good news that Amerijet stopped transporting primates destined for the barbaric and horrific research labs! Since H.I.G. Capital now owns Amerijet, what is their position on transporting primates? Hopefully, they will not transport primates and other animals to the U.S. and other countries destined for the research labs. Awaiting an answer. (MMB)

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