Outside the home of Pamela Rollins, VP of Business Development at Amerijet, dedicated campaigners gathered to condemn her and her company’s involvement in the cruel primate trade. Her six figure salary is partially paid for by the suffering and death of helpless primates. Blame for their unspeakable suffering falls squarely on her shoulders. Her guilt cannot be left complacently at work. Her moral crimes will now follow her home.

Activists noticed that three security cameras have been installed on her house. In our opinion, she should spend less time inspecting what compassionate animal lovers are doing and more time inspecting what she is doing. Pamela, clear your conscience, use your power at work to put an end to the abusive monkey flights. For,

We Will Never Back Down, Until You Stop The Killing


  1. Pamela/Bassett: we are all young professionals with a strong voice that will not back down. The animal cruelty you are allowing is horrific! We will continue to speak out, protest and educate others of what you are doing! This is just the first of many more home/office demos until you, Bassett and the other execs stop the primate trade. Stop it now!

  2. Amerijet, Im convinced your company and CEO's have no morals. Instead of doing the right thing and stop the transportation and the pain for the primates, you choose to hire rent-a-cops to harass us and to try to arrest us. I can tell you this: we are not intimidated and the protests will not stop till you stop the suffering of these poor primates. You say we are extremists? all we do is protest. Not a one of us has damaged any property. You on the other hand, transport primates to be tortured and die. My question to you is: what do you tell your children about what you do? Don't you owe them the truth about what you do?

  3. Pamela Rollins: I hope that when your neighbors see you on the street that they remember our signs that showed tortured, and bloody primates. If you are not ashamed of what you are doing, then maybe you are a sociopath and need help. Your house will always be that lady that tortures monkeys. You asked for it and you will be labeled as such. Do not think for a moment that we will stop our protests. Do the right thing and make an honest buck.

  4. To all it may concern,
    Here at Amerijet we very much pride ourselves in conducting the utmost of moral procedures. We are very saddened when there is an accident in our labratories that causes harm to any primate, or other animal. We believe what we do is very humane, and will continue to serve our loyal, appreciated customers.
    Dayvidde Kello,- assistant to Pamela Rollins the Vice President of Business Development at Amerijet

  5. Amerijet are SCUM!

    SOLIDARITY to the activists and caring fighting this gross trade.
    To D Kello,how hypocritical ,it is your company that is sending these animals to suffer,behid locked doors.Do you think they do not suffer ,that they get tucked in and sung lullabys at night,how do YOU sleep at night?

  6. Dayvidde Kello, there is nothng moral about sending primates to be experimented on in labs. You say you don't want to do harm but you are sending primates off to be harmed in labs. I dont see the difference, sir. Just because you are not directly harming the animals at your facility, does not mean that you are not participating in vivisection. Also, what about the violations you have recieved for transporting them. I have heard food and water to the animals is not given to them at time. I have also heard that some primates are dying on layovers. Is this not correct?

    1. Jun14Anonymous You are a bunch of bullies!!!! You use teorsrirt tactics to force people to do what you want. I saw the threats you made to the airline that you conveniently erased off your bullshit blog after they acquiesced. You are bigger scumbags than the people who are working with the animals. At least they are honest about what they do. If you bitches had real jobs you wouldn’t have time to harass these hard working people. Fuck you all. Maybe they should experiment on you, you fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ma’am, please do not use foul language. It is not appropriate, and I’d prefer to be civil. I would like to inform you that some of the items that we test on animals are successful, and end up being beneficial to the animals. An example of this is a shot that is supposed to help get an erection. When used on a monkey in our lab the monkey’s penis immediately became stiff and hard, and he started trying to anally and vaginally intrude a female monkey. This proves that for many of our products the animals are not harmed, and actually like it in some cases.
        Thank You,
        Dayvidde Kello

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