MAY 30TH, Protest at Beckman Coulter, Puppy Killers

11800 Southwest 147th Avenue, Miami, FL 33196

12:00pm until 2:00pm

A recently exposed supplier, Beckman Coulter Inc., provides lab equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)/Life Sciences Research at their New Jersey/US location. Huntingdon kills 500 animals every single day in the name of fraudulent science. HLS has been exposed at least 7 separate times for animal cruelty and negligence such as punching four month old beagles in the face and cutting open primates without anesthesia.

Cut your ties with HLS.

JUNE 3RD, IMPORTANT: John Resuta Home Demo II

8873 Sw 206th Ln, Cutler Bay, FL 33189


Many of you will immediately recognize John Resuta. He is the Operations Manager at Primate Products- Live Animal Division in Doral. He is very important to the company. John is a heartless animal abuser. John facilitates the torture and murder of innocent monkeys. John lives on the blood money made destroying the lives of countless helpless and sensitive primates. And John is shameless.

It’s time to return to his neighborhood and again remind everyone of the evil that he perpetuates.

**Please try to be on time!!**


  1. I hope I can make atleast 1 of these…if my brutal work schedule able’s me to. If not…I promise to donate enough $ for another mega phone…so they can hear my voice too !! You have my word !!

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