We are compassionate. They are cruel.

An anonymous blog commenter had this to say about Smash HLS:

“You are a bunch of bullies!!!! You use terrorist tactics to force people to do what you want. I saw the threats you made to the airline that you conveniently erased off your bullshit blog after they acquiesced. You are bigger scumbags than the people who are working with the animals. At least they are honest about what they do. If you bitches had real jobs you wouldn’t have time to harass these hard working people. Fuck you all. Maybe they should experiment on you, you fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Stop sniveling. The only tactics we use are completely legal. But if you want to have a clear view of terrorists, look no further than the perverts we’re fighting against. These animal killers routinely cause indescribable pain and suffering to the utterly defenseless. They poison the life out of rabbits and cats, puppies and primates. They don’t think twice about the piles of dead they leave behind. These filthy abusers have no conscience and the only force that drives them is the desire for money.

We are compassionate. They are cruel.

3 thoughts on “We are compassionate. They are cruel.

  1. terrorism
    "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. "

    What violence do we actually commit? That's right none!. We use phone calls, paper signs, faxes, emails, Facebook, and our voices to disrupt the slave trade of primates and other animals that are used in vivisection and animal experimentation. Our messages to the enemy are not threats, the are promises, they are second chances to change their ways until further actions are necessary. There is a difference between being honest and being open and I am sure if half of the clients to these slave traders really knew what they were doing, then they would quickly change their minds.

    I also fail to understand how having a "real job" pertains to any of this, as if cutting animals open for useless and pointless experiments is any more of a real job than the countless hours of sacrifice we all put in to have our messages and the voices of the animals heard.

    Maybe you didn't realize but they DO experiment on US!, every single test they conduct proves nothing except how cruel humanity can be. Countless drugs have been released on the market only to have extremely adverse effects on innocent people, taking their lives and I speak this from experience, all in the name of profit.

  2. If constantly reminding abusers about their cruelty is terrorism, then we are guilty. The abused animals do not care how we do it, they just want freedom from pain.

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