Weak links: Frame’s Animal Transportation and Other Transporters

Frame’s’ truck outside Primate Products on 2/11/12

It’s no secret that companies that transport animals, and nonhuman primates in particular, for the vivisection industry are vulnerable targets.  Although there are still some airlines that transport primates into the United States, there may not be any domestic airlines willing to carry primates WITHIN the United States. When a company like Primate Products needs to move animals, they rely on ground transportation. Only a small number of trucking companies specialize in transporting animals between commercial breeders* and laboratories, and between labs. These companies include Transportech (Brockton, MA), Furry Freighters (Reno, NV), Direct Services (Alexandria, VA), Hoovers Transport (Magnolia, TX), Unique Carriers (Valrico, FL), Troy’s Transport/Kritter Krates (Spring, TX) and Frame’s Animal Transportation. At one time or another, Primate Products has worked with almost all of these.
On February 11, 2012, approx. 100 monkeys who had arrived at JFK on a grueling trip from China were trucked to Miami by Frame’s Animal Transport. Frame’s is a family business based just outside Philadelphia. It was founded by Bill Frame and is now run by his son Chris.

Contact Frame’s and ask them not to do business with Primate Products in the future:

Frame’s Animal Transportation
1119 Haverford Road
Ridley Park, PA 19078
Phone: (610) 399-5166 or (610) 521-1123
Cell: (610) 213-2277 or (610) 574-1232 or (215) 880-1717
E-mails: cframe1@rcn.com, cframe@rcn.com

Bill’s wife, Linda, used to have a dog grooming/kennel business; if it’s still around, we recommend keeping your companion animals far away from this family!

*Several large lab animal suppliers, such as Charles River, Harlan, Marshall BioResources and Taconic provide their own transportation services.

6 thoughts on “Weak links: Frame’s Animal Transportation and Other Transporters

  1. This is an outrage! These precious creatures were created by God for a purpose and one NOT intended to be tortured for ANY so-called reason. I beg of you to stop this horrible act of violence. It is the most shameful act against animals and should be stopped imediately.

  2. Please stop this cruelty! It is so unnecessary//STOP torturing innovent animals…you have no right!!!!!

  3. Frames has been doing this for years. In addition…. his trucks are illegal. The biggest truck is labeled as “Private motor coach” which allows him to avoid……..what ever.

  4. Seriously guys?have you ever thought about the fact that perhaps primates need to be transported OUTSIDE of research labs, for example to animal sanctuaries when they retire, and that stopping every live animal transport is going to make this very expensive and difficult for everybody, monkey included? Do you know what is the alternative to retiring a primate to a sanctuary? It’s euthanasia.

    The monkeys thank you very much.

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