Whether Kathy’s At Home or Not, We’ll Be There

About two dozen animal lovers protested outside the home of Kathleen Turner the Primate Killer (16040 SW 280th St. Homestead, Florida 33031). She is the repulsive head veterinarian of the company Primate Products, Inc. PPI is a nefarious corporation that imprisons, tortures, mutilates, and murders monkeys. They supply the vile vivisection industry with both the equipment of oppression, including cages and restraints, and the primate victims of vivisection. And Kathy chooses to play a leading role in this torture-murder complex.


When we first arrived neither the Red Chevy Impala nor the Red Dodge were present. We left for a short time and when we came back, the Dodge was there. Along with three police cars and numerous bullet-proof jacket wearing officers. At that point the protest proper began.

We chanted through megaphones (for a time) and gave moving speeches decrying the gross injustice Kathy profits from. Our resolve is clear, “We will give her no peace as long as she gives the primates no peace.” We will never stop until she stops!

Day or night, we could be there representing the defenseless animals she helps kill for money. From dawn till dusk (and from dusk till dawn), we could sit and wait in order to condemn her and her company’s evil actions. Until she quits, we will continually remind her of the dirty and deadly business she’s an integral part of. Kathy, we will never back down. Quit your job!

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