Stop Furry Freighters From Transporting Primates to Their Death

Furry Freighters, Inc. transports primates and other animals for miserable companies like Marshall BioResources, SNBL USA and Primate Products.

Smash HLS has learned that a Furry Freighters truck is on its way to Miami to pick up a group of primates for delivery to a research laboratory.

We need your help to convince the company to turn the truck around!

Furry Freighters, Inc. is run by the husband-and-wife team of Duncan and Paula Dauber. Contact Furry Freighters and ask them not to do business with Primate Products this week or anytime in the future:

Phone: (775) 848-2540 (Paul Gossi, Operations Manager)

Duncan’s cell: (775) 750-9485

E-mails: ddauber@furryfreighters.com, pdauber@furryfreighters.com, info@furryfreighters.com

The address listed on the company website is a UPS Store in Reno, Nevada. It appears the business is run out of the Dauber’s home (40 Blossom Court, Dayton, NV 89403).

For a company that delivers primates to their deaths, the cartoon image of a hitchhiking monkey on Furry Freighters’ website is particularly disgusting.

5 thoughts on “Stop Furry Freighters From Transporting Primates to Their Death

  1. I agree! This company makes me sick. I just don't understand how some people can profit off the misery and torture of defenseless animals. What sickens me most is knowing that animal enslaving companies like "furry freighters" operate within the 'law'.

  2. I agree! I have contact this company to urge them to stop what they are doing. I asked them to have a change of heart and stop delivering defenseless primates to a horrible life and death.

  3. Just out of curiousity have anyone of you or any of your family members been sick and needed to take medications? If so then you are as much to blame for the "death" of the animals as any of the companies. If not for the testing and research done on animals numerous people would die daily because there would not be any medications for them to take. That goes all the way down to a simple aspirin or tylonal. So before you attack people maybe you should think about that. If it is too hard for you to think about the animals being used for testing then maybe you should volunteer yourselves…think of how much more advanced our medicinal technology could be. Think of it you could save the world by being a test subject!

  4. Unlike the person who commented above, I think supporters of vivisection should volunteer. If they're willing to force another sensitive being through the painful hell of isolation, torture, and cruel death, they should be willing to have it done to them. If they don't want vivisection done to themselves or their loved ones, they shouldn't be so quick to force it on others. Sick perverts.

  5. Some people don't know this apparently but, there are natural alternative medicines that can be bought and used to relieve pain and cure diseases that were not used to abuse animals with.

    These medicines occur naturally, therefore people can't patent them and make huge profits off them like Tylenol and aspirin.

    It's human greed and cruelty that's to blame for callous companies like "furry freighters" and I don't have any qualms about calling them wrong and sickening!

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