The Worldwide Primates connection to the Michigan governor’s race

In early 2010, an animal testing lab in New Jersey called AniClin Preclinical Services closed suddenly after its parent company ran out of money. Shri Thanedar, the owner of the company, is now a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor of Michigan.

After the collapse of AniClin, 55 monkeys and 118 beagles, survivors from the laboratory, were released to sanctuaries. It was a great story. Unfortunately, Thanedar regained control of the AniClin property and leased the land and buildings to a newly-formed corporation called Bio-Source Farms. Bio-Source Farms had two members: John Barton and Matthew Block.

Block, the owner of Worldwide Primates, used the site as a “primate quarantine and distribution center.” (Block also purchased primate cages and other assets leftover from AniClin.) Barton, operating as Barton’s West End Farms, uses the site to sell contract research services.

The partnership between Block and Barton did not last very long, and as far as we know Block no longer has any connection with Shri Thanedar or the New Jersey property.

Thanedar continues to lease the property (161 Janes Chapel Road, Oxford, New Jersey) to Barton’s West End Farms for research and testing involving animals.

Voters in Michigan will choose a Democratic candidate during the August 7 primary election.

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