Harlan Laboratories: Primate Products’ most important business partner?

Harlan is one of the world’s largest suppliers of animals to laboratories– rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, and nonhuman primates. Harlan is based in Indianapolis, but it has “animal production facilities” across the U.S. and worldwide. In 2008, Harlan and Primate Products formed a partnership which provided Harlan’s customers access to Primate Products’ import, quarantine and long-term holding services. When a company in the U.S. purchases monkeys from Harlan, it’s likely that the monkeys will be shipped from Florida. When Harlan imports monkeys from China or Mauritius, those animals often undergo quarantine at Primate Products. When Harlan customers purchase a large number of monkeys, those animals can be held at Primate Products until the customer is ready to accept them. At any one time, there are hundreds of monkeys owned by Harlan in cages at Primate Products in Miami and at the Primate Products facility (Panther Tracks) in Immokalee.

A few months ago, Smash HLS started to receive reports that hundreds of monkeys at Panther Tracks were sick, and many had died, from bacterial enteritis (inflammation of the intestine), a serious but common illness among captive populations of nonhuman primates. According to the reports, monkeys were suffering from severe, sometimes bloody diarrhea. Most of the affected monkeys belonged to Harlan. Business partnerships don’t last forever. It’s time that Harlan and Primate Products split. The following Harlan employees are in regular contact with Primate Products. Please send them an email and recommend that Harlan end its relationship with Primate Products.

Dale M. Cooper – dcooper@harlan.com
Hilton J. Klein – hklein@harlan.com
Dennis A. Pitts – dpitts@harlan.com
Richard Carter – rcarter@harlan.com
Terry Burns-Heffner – tbheffner@harlan.com
Laura Knarr – lknarr@harlan.com
Donna Schreiner – dschreiner@harlan.com

email block: dcooper@harlan.com, hklein@harlan.com, dpitts@harlan.com, rcarter@harlan.com, tbheffner@harlan.com, lknarr@harlan.com, dschreiner@harlan.com, info@primateproducts.com

— sample email —

Dear Harlan Laboratories,

I’m concerned about the many, many sick animals owned by Harlan who are housed at Primate Products in Florida. Have you considered that maybe the partnership between Harlan and Primate Products isn’t working out? Primate Products has been mired in controversy for a long time, protests are continuing, and things are not going to get better for the company anytime soon. Primate Products needs you more than you need them! Like the illness that has sickened monkeys at Primate Products, controversy can be contagious. Does Harlan want to be muddied by the bad news that continues to come out of Primate Products?
Please, end your relationship with Primate Products!

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