Richard Lyons’ Nursery and Primate Products

With a penchant for flowers, Steven R. Turner might seem like a nice enough guy. But the floral aromas with which Steve surrounds himself are fouled by a horrific stench. Steve’s wife, Kathleen Turner, continues to accept blood money as the head vet at Primate Products, and Steve remains complicit. Facing a hostile workplace and opposition from compassionate neighbors, Kathy relies on her husband’s support and approval to do the awful things she does. Every day she administers misery and death to innocent primates, and upon returning home, it is Steve who greets her with open arms despite her shameful crimes.

Unfortunately, Kathy refuses to answer our calls and has repeatedly inconvenienced herself to avoid speaking with us in person. But she has spent years ignoring the cries of helpless animals, so it’s no surprise that she avoids confronting the truth spoken by those who find her job appalling.

Luckily, Kathy and Steve’s home is not the only venue where we can make our message heard. Steve works weekends as a horticulturist at Richard Lyons Nursery, a ten-acre farm and tree nursery in Miami operated by Richard Lyons, a friend of Steve’s. Richard is now well aware of his connection to the killers at Primate Products, but continuing to contact him about Steve’s involvement with animal abuse couldn’t hurt. Given the current circumstances, it seems the time is ripe for visiting Steve at the nursery one weekend soon.

Richard Lyons Nursery
20200 SW 134th Ave
Miami, FL 33177
(305) 251-6293
The Nursery’s FB page
Richard Lyons’ FB page
Email: richard@rarefloweringtrees.com, richard@richardlyonsnursery.com

–Sample Letter–

Richard Lyons,

I am very disappointed to hear about your connection to Primate Products through your employee, Steve Turner. Primate Products is a vile company known for importing and torturing monkeys for profit. Despite all the innocent lives ended, the company has yet to discover a cure for disease and it never will. I urge you to reconsider your connection with this despicable company.
Sever your ties with Primate Products.

2 thoughts on “Richard Lyons’ Nursery and Primate Products

  1. This kind of thing is sick and immoral–How can anyone be so cruel? Please re-evaluate your life and see that ALL lives on this planet, human or otherwise, deserve to be here too–

  2. So you choose to attack a elderly, Jewish gentlemen because he hires someone with skills appropriate to his business who is married to someone who is employed by someone with whom you have issues? And you expect that your schoolyard bully version of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon will earn you support and respect. I think not.

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