Has Primate Products given up on St. Kitts?

Posted by ARFF

Unless you are a regular visitor to the website of the animal dealer Primate Products, you wouldn’t have noticed a small but potentially significant change. Until recently, the webpage that advertised the offerings of Primate Products’ “Live Animal Division” listed the availability of three species of nonhuman primates– rhesus monkeys (Chinese/Indian origin), cynomolgus monkeys from Indonesia, China or Mauritius, and African green monkeys from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. But the page was recently updated to remove any mention of African green monkeys. Could it be that the July 13 shipment of dozens of African green monkeys from Primate Products to the National Institutes of Health was the last that Primate Products was involved with? Perhaps the company has been unable to find an airline willing to fly monkeys from St. Kitts into Miami?

ARFF will continue our campaign to persuade the government of St. Kitts & Nevis to ban the export of monkeys destined for the research industry. Visit StolenFromParadise.com to get involved!

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