The apple does not fall far from the tree

In many ways, Primate Products is a family business. Enong Houghton, the wife of Primate Products’ CEO Paul Houghton, works for the company in California. In Miami, the wife (Eileen Sylvester) and stepson (Todd Sylvester) of Primate Products’ President Don Bradford have been long-time employees. Don’s son Josh worked at Primate Products for many years before resigning in December 2008. (photo: Josh and Don at Josh’s wedding)

But Josh didn’t put his business skills to good use after leaving Primate Products. Instead, he took a job at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), where he continues to sell monkeys to pharmaceutical companies.

Today, PETA released photos and video of traumatized monkeys inside SNBL (click here).

Contact Josh and ask him if he’s seen the PETA expose? Let him know that if SNBL needs any advice on how to respond to whistleblowers and leaked photos of suffering animals, they can always talk to his dad!

Joshua Bradford, Account Manager
Phone: (425) 322-1714
Cell: (425) 328-9632
E-mail: JBradford@snblusa.com

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