Marianne Friedline, the Third PPI Employee Outed

Marianne’s jeep parked outside 705 SW 4th Terrace, Florida City
The third Primate Products’ employee to be outed in the new year is, to many people, one of the most grotesque. Her name is Marianne Friedline (although in the 1980’s, when she worked at the Mannheimer Foundation, she was Marianne Hennis). She is 53 years old, born on December 30, 1958. She drives a yellow Ford Escape with license plate #711 JKN.

She can often be found at 705 SW 4th Terrace, Florida City 33034.

She or her family members can be reached at 305-248-8329.

Heartless Marianne is 2nd on the left on the lawn of 705 SW 4th Terrace, Florida City

26 thoughts on “Marianne Friedline, the Third PPI Employee Outed

    1. You should be ashamed of yourselves for these spineless and cowardly tactics. What is calling someone’s mom going to accomplish? People are just doing their jobs in animal CARE. If you have something to protest, your message is unclear and not getting across at all.

      1. Mary, its NOT animal care, its animal cruelty. Why are you supporting these people. I guess to you its okay to kill and torture animals. Maybe you need to apply to Primate Products

      2. Animal CARE?? Are you on drugs?! Anyone who cared about animals would not be able to do a job where their daily salary is earned by torturing/confining animals. What we do actually does take a lot of guts, so no, we are not spineless. Now, hiding behind the computer and posting hate comment on this blog, that is spineless.

      3. You should be ashamed of yourself, people like don’t deserve peace in their life’s! I’m surprised she can sleep at night!!!

  1. I was very nice and encouraged her and her daughter to stop harming animals. I even told her about veganism and asked her to stop consuming meat, eggs and milk. I asked her if she saw pictures of the animals abused and killed at Primate Products and she explained that her daughter worked in an office. I told her she needed to take responsibility for what goes on in that office. She and I spoke for 3 min. 13 sec. which was kind of long.

  2. Normally I don’t take the time to bother responding to these, but to whoever made this page and thought it would be appropriate or responsible to include the employee’s name, address, family information, car type and license plate number? Some of these people work in offices, and are only guilty of being ignorant, and yet you provide all these self-righteous, overzealous users with all the means to bother these employees? I mean I’m sure the company is doing some terrible things and not every employee there can claim ignorance, but harassing their mothers over the phone demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic. You may as well call a construction worker (who works for the city) and complain to them about the unfairness of a new law that the city passed. Or you could call their mother and insult her like the idiot before me did. The point is, there are smarter ways of going about this, that would likely attain better results without soiling the name of everyone involved.

    1. “Logic” have you heard of Adolph Eichmann? He lived through World War 2. He worked in an office and signed papers. Many of the papers he signed resulted in moving helpless individuals to death camps. He said he couldn’t be blamed. He said he never did anything wrong. But he did. Can’t you see that?

      1. I’d accept that as a counterexample, and even though I know it’s suicidal to say here, I’d submit that signing individuals into death camps is a bit more extreme than what these people are doing. I’m not necessarily defending them, I’m really just saying it’s irresponsible to post their information here and harass them on an individual basis, targeting their families and other uninvolved parties. I feel that if you have an issue with what’s being done, you should be attacking the root of the issue.

        1. Logic, you can’t claim they’re ignorant, because we’ve protested at that company a bunch of times and we’ve let them know what that company does. And I highly doubt those office workers have not gone into the place where they keep the monkeys not even once. They know exactly what they’re working for, they just don’t care. If they would care, they would quit. Since they don’t, we have to make them quit to stop the torment of those animals imprisoned there.

        2. Logic, what exactly is your definition of a death camp? Is it only a death camp if humans are the victims inside? Contrary to what you may believe, for the animals imprisoned inside, it is a death camp. The fear and pain is very real. Animals inside labs can be tortured in experiments for five, ten, or twenty years before they are finally killed. Anyone who works at Primate Products is responsible for this suffering. From the higher up executives, to office employees, to cage cleaners. For the animals, they are all one person.

  3. You seem to have gracelessly missed the point here. I’m not really defending the workers so much as saying that the extremes to which you’re going, ie posting her Date of birth, address, car make and model, family photos, phone number, facebook info, license plate #….

    My point is, can you take responsibility if someone were to utilize this information you’ve provided to.. let’s say, seek ‘vengeance’ for all the animals harmed by brutalizing her mother or child? An entirely uninvolved party?

    Yeah these people are sick, and I’m sure most can’t claim ignorance, and yes you have a right to seek the end of these practices, but this isn’t the way. Basically, the end does not justify these means, especially if the ‘end’ is just a prank phone call to someone’s mom. In the process of trying to defeat what you perceive as evil, all often you resemble it before the end.

    1. No one missed your point, Logic. You made several of them. One of them, we focused on. I had hoped you could understand Marianne and her sick ilk work for a modern-day death camp. With that being the case, stopping her and others like her from facilitating the killing of sensitive animals becomes obligatory. I can’t wait for your reaction when we actually go to her house and confront her with a protest.

      1. I’ll probably have lost the motivation to continue posting by then. I’ll say this again, and directly, so you can’t pretend to have missed it somehow

        “I’m not really defending the workers so much as saying that the extremes to which you’re going, ie posting her Date of birth, address, car make and model, family photos, phone number, facebook info, license plate #…. ”

        If I wasn’t clear before, THAT’S the part that I was hoping for your input on. I just don’t think it’s responsible on your part to post all this information, and it reflects poorly on your noble goal.

        You guys are so argumentative and aiming for a fight with me, rather than perceiving this as a RECOMMENDATION, or SUGGESTION.

        I suggest, or recommend that you take a more responsible approach, rather than enabling and encouraging individuals to distribute vigilante-type justice. I wouldn’t disagree with you guys confronting this woman’s clit, so to speak, if it’s reasonable to assume she’s a responsible party, I just feel that people are sometimes unaware how much havoc they’re wreaking on the involved parties, as well as the uninvolved ones.

        I suppose if you feel that this is the wisest and most responsible way to go about this, then I’ll be on my way. Actually, I’ll be on my way either way, there’s sorta nothing left to add.

        1. I wouldn’t call or harass them because that would be inefficient and have a negative vibration. The whole of animal treatment in our current society is deeply, unconsciously hateful. I can’t come at this woman with hate and judgement. I’m sorry she’s so damaged that she would be ok working here. I’d rather work on Primate Products being shut down then work on getting one instantly replaceable employee to quit. just my opinion.

  4. And I shall now leave your forums in peace. I’m not defending these people nor condemning the animals to their fate, if given my way the former would be ostracized and the latter taken away to be cared for, etc, and force scientists to use the costly alternative to animal testing. That not being way things are, however, I simply advise caution when dishing out justice, because overdoing it can be more destructive than not getting any justice at all

  5. Although I have chosen to leave the laboratory animal field, I can only say that some people that work in the area do really care about animals. I worked as a Laboratory Animal Technologist at the Mayo Clinic, East Carolina University/Brody School of Medicine, UMKC School of Medicine, NC State University School of Veterinary Medicine, and also as a Veterinary Technician/Kennel manager at a clinic in Las Vegas. I contacted a former friend of mine at the facility in Immokolee and was offered and given a job. I moved myself and my menagerie of animals and wife down to start back in the field. I worked for two and one half days and chose to leave because the field has changed from animal care to a purely money making endeavor. I also worked at the Mannheimer Foundation with Marianne. We hand raised all types of NHP’s. The most rewarding was working with the Helping Hands Project for Dr. Willard. Marianne was a very caring and dedicated person to help animals. She is like many people in the field. If you have ever worked in a business for such a long period of time, your salary and standard of living improve greatly. If she left, she would have a very hard time finding other employment. Sure, she knows what is going on. I can guarantee you that she does care about the animals. It is the upper level of management that agrees to and condones all the self perpetuation of this business. It is a multi-billion dollar per year BUSINESS. If I had my way I would root out the whole evil process. To go after the lowly animal care people is really not going to improve things at all. Go for the big boys and girls. Like I said, I could not in good conscience go back into the field. I left a lot of potential money behind and spent a load just moving and then returning home. I defend Marianne and the others like her, I was there once myself. I do not defend the industry or leaders.


    1. Thank you for your insider perspective.
      I have heard animal researchers/testers say they “really care about animals”. If so , what a strange way to express care. Either that, I have a different opinion of “care”. I don’t believe it’s possible care/respect/honor any being, human or animal, and play some part in killing/torturing them at the same time. You just wouldn’t be able to carry out your job! Part of your consciousness must remain detached… must maintain the illusion that we are so much better and different. So that, on that fateful day when you are asked to be party to their pain and exploitation, you can go thru with the act. I postulate that caring people would not do well in this profession.

  6. WHY Are You all Wasting YOUR TIME on this person called logic ??? Do you not see – This Logic “creature” making these comments is doing it to cause distraction and get you more upset . I would suggest you delete such ‘A Creature” after their comment . Time wasted responding to these sort of comments is time that could be spent advising, sharing, rethinking etc… . I only wish you would not have left this person go on and on when it was quite clear they cannot see the point – Being- ENOUGH TALK AND BEGGING – This is taking Direct Action to Expose All involved in these tortures of innocent beings !That includes ALL, Period !

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