Another vile PPI employee, Janet Theriault, on display

Next up on our list of repulsive Primate Products employees is Janet Theriault. Janet is a 40 year old (DOB: 4/15/1971) ’93 graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, where she majored in biology and zoology. After a decade of work as a research technician at Charles River Laboratories, Janet moved from Sterling, Massachussetts to Florida. She has worked at Primate Products since December 2010 and holds the position of Behavioral Technician. She drives a navy blue Volkswagen Jetta with license plate # ANV L90.

Janet lives at:

1261 SE 31st Ct, Unit 205
Homestead, FL 33035

She can be reached at janettheriault@primateproducts.com or through her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1389687074


5 thoughts on “Another vile PPI employee, Janet Theriault, on display

  1. This vile disgusting women should be ashamed of herself. Since she probably is not, then we will have to remind her that people with a conscience are opposed to her bloody career. We will exercise our constitutional rights to the fullest, and we will stop you.

  2. I feel so sorry for these poor people getting publicly put on blast. You crazy, hypocritical effin animal rights terrorists are all going to hell.

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