New Year’s Resolution for JKL Secure Freight: Stop being bad

Brian Rasmussen

January 1 could mark a new beginning for Brian Rasmussen of JKL Secure Freight. In 2017, the company was one of only a few transport companies that Worldwide Primates depended on to move monkeys from Miami to laboratories across the U.S. and Canada.

We have talked before about how the vivisection industry’s transportation infrastructure is one of its weakest links. We need your help to encourage JKL Secure Freight’s President to make (and keep) a resolution for 2018 to stop doing business with Worldwide Primates, and to give up the bloody business once and for all.

Ask Brian to cut out bad people in his life, move in a new direction, reinvent himself, become a better person in 2018! Contact:

Brian Rasmussen, President
JKL Secure Freight (LR Transport)
24 Carry Way #A
Mound House, NV 89506
Email: jkloperations@gmail.com, jklfrontoffice@gmail.com, jklbilling@gmail.com
Phone: 775-461-3631, 775-217-6401 (cell)

P.S. If you live in the Carson City, Nevada area, be on the lookout for the Sprinter van (Nevada plate #54922A) that JKL Secure Freight uses to transport monkeys.

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