Closure of transport company could be bad news for Worldwide Primates

There’s a new President and Chief Operating Officer at lab animal supplier Primate Products Inc., and that’s bad news for its competitor Worldwide Primates.

Paul Barras (pictured) became the top executive at Primate Products in December, replacing Jeff Rowell who left after five years with the company.

Before joining Primate Products, Barras ran Barr Scientific Transport, a company that specialized in the “efficient transport of Nonhuman Primates throughout the continental United States and Canada.” Worldwide Primates was a client for years. (On October 3, 2013, Smash HLS activists confronted a truck operated by Barras at Worldwide Primates in Miami. A few weeks later, a similar protest resulted in the arrest of nine activists.)

It appears that Barr Scientific Transport has closed, which would make sense considering Barras’ new position. Perhaps his trucks are now transporting monkeys exclusively for Primate Products?

One less company willing to transport monkeys to their deaths is bad news for Worldwide Primates. The closure of Barr Scientific Transport makes it even more important for activists to target companies like JKL Secure Freight and Frame’s Animal Transportation!

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