Renate Lemke, another vile Primate Products’ employee exposed

Renate’s house and car

With the new year, Smash HLS is taking the campaign against Primate Products to a higher level of personal. We’re going to release important information, including phone numbers and home addresses, on several employees previously not targeted. They will learn to expect our company, day or night, outside their homes. Accountability for their moral crimes begins now.

The first is Renate Lemke. She is a 50 year old German citizen (DOB: 2/28/1961) who has been in the US since the 1980s and is registered as a “Resident Alien.” She has worked at Primate Products since 2002 holding the position of administrative/office assistant. She drives a White Nissan Altima with license plate # T64 5AQ.

She lives at:

1145 NW 126th Avenue
Miami, FL 33182

She can be reached by phone at (305) 496-3670 or by email at: renatelemke@primateproducts.com

UPDATE: Seems Renate has already disconnected her phone.

UPDATE 2: Renate quit her job at Primate Products!!

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  1. I will be calling the bitch at all hours of the night.. Let the games being!!! The animals get not relief neither will she!!!

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