Report-back from Avi Haller Neighborhood Protest

In January, two Smash HLS activists paid a surprise visit to Abraham “Avi” Haller, the most recently exposed element of the Worldwide Primates death machine. We leafleted his condo building in Gardens of Kendall and gave him an in-person opportunity to explain the monkey blood on his hands, but he had nothing to say.

On Sunday, February 25th, we thought we’d give him another chance. Equipped with signs and megaphones, seventeen of us gathered outside the gates, flooding Avi’s community with descriptions of his company’s cruel practices. What was once a secret clutched tightly in Avi Haller’s clammy hands had finally slipped free: The guy in building four unit 115 kills monkeys!!!

We distributed dozens of flyers to curious neighbors, most of whom were horrified to learn about the monster living among them. “I recognize him,” said one woman. “My husband and I love animals. This is outrageous!”

Others were less shocked. “He’s a real brute,” one resident told us, explaining that the neighbors have had problems with Avi ever since he moved in. “He’s not a nice guy. I’ll tell you that. He’s a piece of garbage, really.” She even claimed that Avi once tried to break into her apartment and that police have been called multiple times because of his poor conduct.

According to a few, Avi and his wife weren’t home during our protest. “He’s been gone all month ever since you all showed up at his door,” said a resident from his building. “He’s out of the country basically. He may’ve quit his job already.” (If that’s true, Avi, let us know! info@smashhls.com)

Regardless of where the Hallers fled to, we wonder what his wife Sandra thinks of all this—especially considering she was added as co-owner of their condo just this past December. Romantic getaway? Doesn’t sound like it.

Stay tuned for updates on Avi and Worldwide Primates. In the meantime, help the #ShutDownWWP campaign grow and succeed by sharing this post!


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