Spotlight on Avi Haller of Worldwide Primates

Dripping with sweat and sporting only underwear, Avi Haller reluctantly answered the door to his Miami apartment at 6:51pm on Thursday evening. “What?” he asked.

We were visiting Avi’s residence in Kendall to talk about his connection to one of the vivisection industry’s most horrific monkey suppliers. “You work for a company called Worldwide Primates, don’t you?” A queasy look immediately washed over his face.

Abraham “Avi” Haller
10985 SW 107th Street
Apt 115
Miami, FL 33176

Avi got his start as a veterinarian in Caracas, Venezuela in the late ’80s and ’90s, then volunteered for the Israel police before moving to the States. He cut his teeth in the primate trade as an intern for the Mannheimer Foundation and eventually took a job at Worldwide Primates in 2015. On his LinkedIn page, he boasts of working in an associate veterinary and supervisor capacity. (We can only imagine what that entails, considering Worldwide’s shameful blood-draining practices.)

As his neighbors now know, Avi’s been up to no good!

After giving him a moment to collect—and clothe—himself, we knocked Avi’s door again. Unfortunately he was more interested in taking pictures of us than having an honest conversation.

It’s easy to think of animal exploitation as being propelled forward by some abstract, impenetrable force. But this is not the case at all. The industries we oppose are propped up by a network of companies, each of which are held together by individuals who prefer to live private, quiet lives. By disrupting that quiet, by confronting animal abusers and exposing them to their neighbors and loved ones, we can begin to pick apart companies like Worldwide Primates. We can bring their victims one step closer to liberation. We can shut these hellholes down. Join us today: Send an email (or 100) to avihaller@gmail.com and let Avi know what you think of his involvement in animal murder. Until he quits his heinous job, he’ll continue to hear from us! #ShutDownWWP

Avi with his kids, Joanne and Leon

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