From Bite Back:

received anonymously:

“The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit has obtained damning photographs from within Primate Products, Inc. (www.primateproducts.com) in Miami, Florida. The photographs reveal the true faces of vivisection and the global primate trade.”

Click here to view the photos (download a zip file of the photographs here).

Warning: images are disturbing.


  1. I suggest these glorified murderers who hide behind their titles of 'Doctor' and 'Scientist' be used for these experiments instead. They need their skulls split open and their brains dissected so that we can all see just how much shit fills their emotion-dead brains.

  2. You are sick twisted fucking bastards and I wish you have kids that get raped and torn apart like this and that you will rot!!!Youre just as bad as the black in South Africa no even worse!!!

  3. What your point for that to help human?? you doctor and scientist are crap and sicko and it murder periods… Sad human destroy everything that God make shame on you humans and animals abuser…

  4. How can any Government blame people for retaliating to this HORRENDOUS cruelty. There is no difference between these monkeys and human babies, although these poor creatures probably have more intelligence than a baby at this stage.

  5. You continue to murder animals for the so called "cure for cancer", guess what… cancer isn't being cured, people are dropping dead like flies.. but I'll bet you all are driving great cars and living in fancy houses and do not lack for any luxery of life.. You're not fooling anyone and someday, you WILL reap what you you've done. I pray for the souls of all the poor animals you've murdered and continue to murder.

  6. omg this is cruelty and torture and abuse.No normal person would do this.It shows how evil and sick you really are.Doing this in the name of science and betterment of man is a lie.You are the psychos of society who hide behind your jobs.We know what you really are,No different from the street trash freaks who torture and abuse innocent animals daily but do not have the title "scientist" or "technician" like you do.How do you sleep at night.Scum of the earth!

  7. Why not use real humans..like the ones that commit murder/or rapist?? They are a trash to the community and you cant get any close to a real human then them….These poor animals have done nothing to us.

  8. Disgusting! This HAS to STOP!
    I wrote to the employees whose emails were listed. Shame on our species for having the capability for such cruelty.

    Rina Deych, RN

  9. this is shocking and horrific ! how can anyone torture these poor little monkeys,These people are monsters and need locking up. what empty cruel vile mmonsters to make this miserable suffering ,PLEASE HELP THEM!!!! Miss L J Leach

  10. As a person who believes only that our brains are the most powerful things known/non-religious, there is no heaven/or its equivalent in other religions for all that would deserve such a place, let alone for these monkeys, and there is no hell/or its equivalent in other religions for all that would deserve such a place, let alone for these people like The Primate Products owners, partners and employees. There is no righting the scales later; thus, it is up to us, all of us, to stop it and get all of our species to evolve in a species that no longer accepts and allows these evils to go on.

  11. There is no need for this . bio-techniques that no not need to use animals , like stem cells . Make this against the law . Make this Federal Law stating this is obsolete.These living creatures are our friends , how can humans do this horrific madness , these are sick freaks , called doctors & scientists , STOP THIS !They Betrayed these poor suffering animals . ALF !

  12. This act of pure evil…it's all about greed!! What you don't thin for one second that theses animals have feelings!!!!!!!! How about if we were to let you suffer in a cage with no pain med…dirty cage no love!!!!!l This is serious case of abuse there,you can see it in there faces!!Torturing,sticking,cutting,hittting them!! And all for the old might DOLLAR..DIE YOU F**UKERS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like Satin when you meet him!

  13. Unfortunetely they are in hell first of you !! You are murderers and be sure that all over the world we'll do the best to stop you and all tortures over these innocents victims !!

  14. People are stealing these animals where they live hiding them in there purses on planes to sell to someone, it is becoming a animal run, how do you look at this animal with hate for recieving money for this, what are you doing with their heads anyway, brain surgery, WHY! Respect life!

  15. Please remember to tell everyone you know NOT to donate to orgs that conduct animal torture such as the American Heart Ass. St Judes, March of Dimes, American Lung Ass. and of course the American Cancer Society who has the biggest scam going. They all get millions to continue torturing and never ever want to find a cure. If they did the party would be over for these monsters from hell.

  16. Yes, I agree. There is a cure for cancer and it was found in 1973. These scientists need to keep a job . It's plain and simple… Do not donate to the society's listed above also, check your own country to make certain which organizations are conduct animal torture. PLEASE..in Canada. "Only buy METHOD PRODUCTS in Canada to avoid these heartless companies that are supporting animal testing". If you want to donate to organizations in your country. I urge you to donate to "animal rescue"…and only animal rescue. I feel sick in the pit of my stomach when I look at the suffering here.No words exist to describe the pain I feel for these animals!

  17. If people dont already know… join one million strong against all forms of animal abuse and cruelty.It is a face book group with links to petitions to stop this heartless cruelty.send to all your friends to join their cause.some people dont know or want to but, some will join and pass on to their friends.some will say theres nothing I can do about it.If there was nothing we as people can do there would still be slavery.AS LONG AS THERE IS EMPATHY THERE IS HOPE.and I agree why not do these so called expierments on the people who kill and murder people.maybe we would have less murders and less cost to house them.these monkeys did nothing to deserve this. I wish these people who perform these cruel acts many nightmares of themselves laying in the monkeys place, speechless and helpless.while they are hacked on and tortured .many nightmares to you of no heart.!!!

  18. dude this is sick and twisted, poor little monkeys ……..what goes around comes around and the people that do this shit , should be shot up full of drugs and tested on in return!!



  21. "Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages."
    ~Thomas A. Edison

  22. My heart breaks. My heart breaks.

    How can we cut, scrape, pierce, skin – any, ANY living being without feeling its pain, without damaging our souls?

    That is it, I supposed. These scientists have lost their souls in the service of science. They have forgotten the true joys of their lives, the touch of the skin of the tiny toes of their first child, the memory of childhood lying on the grass watching cocoons become butterflies, eyes wide in wonder.

    These scientist have lost their wonder. They've lost their souls. Dogs have kind hearts that these.

  23. You people have got to be the most vilest of abusers. How can you take these beautiful, healthy creatures and do that to them/ You lie to yourselves that you are doing a service, but the only thing you are doing is destroying the lives of innocent creatures that have never harmed anything, a fact that you can not say about yourselves. It is a proven fact that live animals are no longert needed in research so all that leaves is the fact that you are all nothing but a bunch of low life scum animal abusers. One day, and I am working hard to make it so, that people like you will be arrested and prosecuted for the animal abusers that you prove yourselves to be. If you know the word shame and if you own such a thing as a conscience and a heart( but I seriously doubt it) then you will hang your heads in shame and stop the vile inhuman atrocities that go on in that death camp you call a lab. May God have mercy on your souls ( another thing I doubt will happen)

  24. verry verry sickening it has to stop i worry about the people that comit these crimes wher do they stop its got to end now !!!!! 🙁

  25. this is disturbing….but this is not how vivisection is supposed to be done…..some sadist or amateur must have done this. in most labs it is made sure that the animal has to suffer the least and doesnt die. In fact if it dies the experiment is considered a failure and the results are rejected. donno which jerk did these….god bless these poor victims.and worst of all, on its site this company claims to be improving the lives of non human primates…….watta BS…
    i think more than these companies we, the masses, are also to be blamed for consuming their products and hence creating a demand that keeps these ppl's businesses running…let us, on our part, abandon all such products that involve animals' torture and bring such companies down on ground…..that will include most of the cosmetic products and many medicines too….let's switch over to healthier lifestyles and naturopathic treatments and other alternative forms of medicine….and still if death comes for us, let us accept it….rather than succumbing to the temptation of using meds made by such companies.

  26. What a living nightmare for these poor animals. I, too, don't understand why this continues to go on. I can't imagine what a hole in the scalp is "teaching" these people in their research? It looks like a sick way of torturing animals. It's actually really frightening, like a horror movie.

  27. There has to be a world wide law passed to stop labs and schools from being allowed to use animals for these acts of useless cruelties.With all the computer technology today I'm sure no animal has to be used in any sort of testing for any thing anymore.

  28. Nothing tested on animals benefits humans. You are idiots of the highest level. You should be killed slooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly.

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